About Us

Who We Are

We truly believe that one person can make a difference. Program participants set a weight loss goal, and ask their friends, family, and coworkers to support them by pledging a dollar amount for every pound they lose. The supporters then choose the charity of THEIR choice to donate their pledge. This way, the weight loser is motivated by helping dozens of charities, while the sponsors are helping not just a friend reach their goal, but their favorite charity as well.

Everyone has a passion, and for many, that passion often involves helping a loved one battling a serious illness or cause. People love our concept because they can support someone's weight loss effort, and instead of writing a check to the person losing the weight for his/her charity, the check is written to your personal charity or cause. Whether you support the American Cancer Society, Parkinson's Disease, Domestic Violence, or your local sports boosters, Lose Weight for a Cure can help you achieve your fundraising goals, while at the same time help you achieve your weight loss goals and become your best YOU!

Our program is successful for two reasons. Number one, most people will do things for others, more than for themselves. They are more likely to lose weight if they know it is helping someone else, and in our program, they are often helping dozens of charities!

The second reason for our success lies in the simple fact that you are more likely to reach your goals if you have a pool of people watching you, and cheering you on, actively involved with your weight loss efforts. In our program, people pledge dollars. What better way to stay on track than to tally a running dollar amount of the amount you raise and the weight you lose!

How did our program come about?

A few years ago, entrepreneur Dave Marks embarked on a personal mission to lose 20lbs. He immediately recognized the difficulty in keeping motivated during his weight loss campaign, and saw an opportunity to combine his desire to help people, with his own personal weight loss goals. To help overcome the challenge of his dwindling motivation, Dave used his 25 years of entrepreneurial and marketing skills to develop Lose Weight for a Cure, a system where people could raise money for their favorite charities while at the same time getting the motivation they needed to achieve their weight loss goals.

Converting fat to dollars that would then be used to help worthy organizations is the goal. Our country has a lot of excess fat - and not enough funds for good causes - so if we can lose fat and gain cash for good cause, everyone wins! Anyone can do this but you need to have a few pounds to lose and the desire to make a difference in the world.

Want to Lose Weight?

Congratulations. You're about to discover how the power of one person can make a real difference in the lives of others. As a bonus you'll be doing something great for yourself as well. Good luck!

Help Someone Make a Difference!

Thanks for your support. Not only for the friend or loved one you are helping achieve a personal goal but, for the lives that will be touched by your charitable contribution.

Have Questions?

Have questions on how to start or how to pick a charity? Check out our frequently asked questions section for answers.