Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you choose any charity?

A: Yes, we link with Thousands of charities are can be found at their website.


Q: How long are the programs?

A: There is an eight week program and a twelve week program.


Q: Is this a non-profit web site?

A: Yes, all the money raised by participants is paid to the charitable organization of their choice through
Weight Lose
for a Cure does not charge any fees. We are simply providing a service to help you lose weight and link with organizations to sponsor through your donations.


Q: How do you pay?

A: You can send a check directly to the person you are sponsoring or you can pay by credit card through a link to the website.


Q: Do you get credit for referring people to web site?

A: Money raised by someone you refer to the website will show on your dashboard as money raised indirectly. This provides a way to track the money you directly raised as well as money raised through networking with others.


Q: Is there a limit to the number of sponsors I can have?

A: No, you can have as many sponsors supporting you as you would like.

If you still have questions contact